🚧 WIP. This feature is not stable yet. 🚧

VTI (Vetur Terminal Interface) is a CLI that exposes some of Vetur's language features:

  • [x] Diagnostic errors
  • [ ] Formatting

# Why

VTI catches type-errors in Vue templates that's not catchable by either Vue or TypeScript alone.

# Usage

npm i -g vti
# or yarn global add vti
# run this in the root of a Vue project
vti diagnostics

VTI demo.

You also can use vetur.config.js for setting VTI.

Currently, this is only used for generating interpolation type-checking errors on CLI, which neither Vue's compiler nor Webpack would catch.

Please send feedback to: https://github.com/vuejs/vetur/issues/1635 (opens new window).