# Install an old version of Vetur

Sometimes new releases have bugs that you want to avoid. Here's an easy way to downgrade Vetur to a working version:

# No Syntax Highlighting & No Language Features working

The two possible causes are:

  1. Other extensions also contribute a Vue language, and that conflicts with Vetur.
  2. VS Code didn't install Vetur properly.

For 1, try disabling all other Vue related extensions.

For 2, try these methods:

# Vetur Crash

  • If it says cannot find module <some-module>, go to Vetur's client code installation directory and run yarn or npm install. This is usually caused by VS Code not correctly updating Vetur's dependencies from version to version. Paths:

    • Win: %USERPROFILE%\.vscode\extensions\octref.vetur-<version>\client
    • Mac: ~/.vscode/extensions/octref.vetur-<version>/client
    • Linux: ~/.vscode/extensions/octref.vetur-<version>/client

    You can also try uninstall/reinstall Vetur.
    More details at: https://github.com/vuejs/vetur/issues/352#issuecomment-318168811

  • If it says problem related to memory and cpu, try to add a jsconfig.json or tsconfig.json and only include Vue-related code: https://vuejs.github.io/vetur/setup.html

# Vetur can't recognize components imported using webpack's alias

# Vetur cannot recognize my Vue component import, such as import Comp from './comp'

  • You need to add .vue extension when importing SFC.

More details at: https://github.com/vuejs/vetur/issues/423#issuecomment-340235722

# .vue file cannot be imported in TS file.

You need to add declare module '*.vue' in your dts files: https://github.com/Microsoft/TypeScript-Vue-Starter#single-file-components.

# Install from source.

To build and install the extension from source, you need to install vsce.

Then, clone the repository and compile it.

git clone https://github.com/vuejs/vetur
cd vetur
yarn compile
vsce package

Now you'll find vetur-{version}.vsix, you can install it by editor command "Install from VSIX".

# Vetur uses different version of TypeScript in .vue files to what I installed in node_modules.

You can enable Vetur: Use Workspace Dependencies setting so that it uses the same version of TypeScript in your workspace.