# Contribution Guide

Contribution is welcome! There are many ways you could help Vetur's development:

  • Writing Code
  • Improving Doc
  • Managing Issues

# Code

Comment on feature requests that you'd like to contribute before sending PR.

# Coding Style

  • Prettier with 120 print-width
  • TSLint
  • const over let whenever possible

# Code Dev Guide

Vetur consists of 2 parts

  • Language Client as a normal VS Code extension
  • Vue Language Server

The language client launches Vue Language Server on port 6005 whenever a Vue file is opened.

To compile:

cd server && yarn && cd ..
yarn compile
# or yarn watch

To debug:

  • The extension has 2 configurations for debugging i.e client and server.
  • Run the client configuration first.
  • As the client launches the language server lazily, open any .vue file so that the server is started.
  • Run the server configuration which binds the server code to port 6005 to enable debugging.
  • At this point breakpoints in both server and client code should work.
  • Alternatively, you can run the 'all' compound debug config too. You need to make sure to open a .vue file within 10 seconds so the server can be started and attached to

It should look like this:

VS Code Debugging


You can use this setting to make Vetur load a development version of vue-language-server. Some use cases:

  • You fixed a bug in Vetur, but the PR is pending and won't be published anytime soon.
  • You want to use TS 3.1, but Vetur bundles TS 2.8.
  • You are contributing to Vetur, and would run alpha/beta/RC versions in your daily development to provide feedback and find bugs.

Two ways of using it:

  1. yarn global add vue-language-server and point the setting to yarn global dir + node_modules/vue-language-server
  2. Clone this repo, build it and point it to the ABSOLUTE path of /server

# Grammar Dev Guide

  • Open the yaml files in /syntax
  • After editing use either yarn build:grammar or npm run build:grammar to build the json files
  • If you changed the vue.yaml file, be sure to run the vetur.generateGrammar command from the vscode command palette

Tip: In VS Code, use F1 -> Inspect TM Scopes to view language scopes to debug the grammar:


# Doc

PR that fixes grammar & typo or clarify & illustrate usage is welcome.

# Issues

  • Answer other people's questions
  • Make & ask for repro cases